Mares Travel Scuba Gear Package

Mares Travel Scuba Gear Package

Mares Prestigious Scuba Gear Package

Mares Prestigious Scuba Gear Package

Tusa Tina Scuba Package

Tusa Tina Scuba Package

Mares Travel Scuba Gear Package

This lightweight and compact Scuba System package from Mares is great for the traveling diver.
Mares Rover 15X Regulator Yoke-416254   + $0.00
Sea Elite Scout Compact Octopus   + $0.00
Seac Screen Computer Console + Spg   + $0.00

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Mares Travel Scuba Gear Package


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    Divers supply Product

    Package Includes: 

    • Mares Magellan Travel BCD
    • Mares 52x Dual ADJ Regulator 
    • Mares Dual Octopus
    • Screen Computer Console

    Included BCD

    Mares Megellan BCD

    The Mares Magellan BCD features comfort, adjustability, and safety in a compact and portable design. Lightweight, compressible and durable material is used in the shoulders, back, and weight pocket. There are adjustable shoulder straps and adjustable chest and waist straps. All of the straps have squeeze-style side release buckles. Weight pockets can be placed on the back tank fastening strap for better weight distribution. Carry and clip all sorts of gear with two aluminum D-rings below the weight pockets and on the shoulder straps. There is a folding and self-draining accessory pocket on the right side of the cummerbund. Other features include ergonomic shoulders, three pull-dump/overpressure relief valves and multiple accessory attachment points. The Mares Magellan BCD comes with an owner’s manual and a threaded 3/8” low-pressure quick-disconnect hose.


    Included Regulator

    Mares Rover 15X Regulator New 2021 Model #416254

    Updated for 2021 The Rover15X Regulator comes with a new large vent button features a 'dynamic hinge' design. 

    First Stage  15X 
    The 15X balanced diaphragm first stage has one DFC output and pre-oriented outputs making it suitable for the octopus configuration as well. It is very compact and has a sandblasted finish. Thediaphragm first stage first stage weighs 598g in DIN . In the Yoke version it weighs 772g.

    Rover second stage
    The Rover second stage guarantees high performance even after intensive use. The new large vent button features a 'dynamic hinge' design, which makes the venting function easy to activate, even with a single finger. It also prevents free flow in the event of strong currents and is made of a durable rubber material that can withstand over 113,000 venting cycles.
    The patented Mares Vortex Assisted Design (VAD) system combined with the Fluid Dynamic Deflector (FDD) enables natural respiration at all depths.
    The Rover's combination of durability and performance make it the ideal regulator for intensive rental use. Rubber hose.

    Included Octopus

    Sea Elite Scout Compact Octopus

    Sea Elite Scout Compact Octopus is one of the most affordably priced Octo/ safe second stage you can buy. Small compact yet rugged designed Octo the Sea Elite Scout Compact Octopus combines performance and reliability in a small package. If you believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice performance for price, the Scout Compact is for you.  Rugged and economical, this Octopus is a great choice for a new diver’s rig or can take the high-use demands of a rental department. It can also be used with either Air or Nitrox up to 40 % right out-of-the-box.

    The sturdy ABS/Polycarbonate 2nd stage with Soft Push Silicone purge cover and soft bite mouthpiece weighs just 5.2 oz. and measures 3.25” by 2.5”. The small internal case dimensions results in an extremely low in water breathing effort. The Sea Elite Scout Compact Octopus connects to the 1st stage with a 40” Yellow braided hose (included) that is more flexible than other hoses and thus reduces hose pull and mouth fatigue.

    Included Computer

    The SEAC Screen Computer Console w-SPG  has a large screen with a simple user interface and large digits. The large screen allows for more information to be displayed on the screen but the computer itself is quite thin on your wrist. The Two button user interface let you navigate in and out of the menu with ease.  Three dive modes  Air, Nitrox and Gauge mode is all you need for recreational diving and Freediving. Console includes a SPG in PSI upto 4000 PSI.  

    • Screen dive computer satisfies both the most experienced divers with specific technical needs as well as novices looking for a comprehensive, user-friendly device.  Its name focuses the attention to the large dot matrix display that allows you to view all the data of the dive profile in a single screen, with clear and distinct characters. The user can adjust the contrast and brightness, as well as the time and mode - automatic or manual - of the backlight.
    • Here are the three main functions of the SEAC Screen: Scuba, Gauge and Freedive. In Scuba mode, the dive profile is expertly managed by the Bühlmann ZHL-16C decompression algorithm. The computer supports 1 or 2 mixes with O2 up to 99%, advising the user the most suitable time to change the mix, while diving. In Gauge mode, the SEAC Screen computer displays depth and stopwatch data; a fully independent dive management system for more experienced divers. In Freedive mode, breath-hold divers can view surface intervals and dive times as well as current and maximum depths reached during the session.

      In terms of safety, the SEAC Screen is your trusted dive companion in and out of the water.
      Depending on the diver's preference, it can be set to perform more conservative calculations. Sound alarms and warning lights alert the user in case of violation of decompression stops, excessive ascent rates and exceeding the maximum depth allowed (MOD) for all gas mixes being used. The device also calculates the NoFly times, desaturation times and the maximum altitude allowable for repetitive diving.
    • SEAC Screen’s firmware update and logbook software for PC/Mac are available at no charge at To download data, just connect the SEAC Screen with its appropriate USB cable (optional).

    SCUBA MODE: Bühlmann ZHL-16C deco algorithm, with managing for 1 or 2 mixes (air, Nitrox, or mixes with O2 concentration up to 99%).
    FREEDIVING MODE: Dive/surface time, current/maximum depth.
    GAUGE MODE: Depth gauge and stopwatch to manage your dive profiles independently.

    • Key Features: 
    • Console including computer Screen and pressure gauge (PSI)
    • 100 M Water Resistant
    • LCD screen with contrast and adjustable backlight intensity.
    • OS/WINDOWS Dive Download manager App
    • User replaceable 2450 battery 
    • Adjustable Backlight
    • Date
    • Optional USB Cable
    California residents please click here for Proposition 65 WARNING
    More Information
    Product Category Packages
    Brand Mares
     Mares Magellan BCD Size Chart
      XXS/XS S/M L/XL
    WEIGHT 90-155 130-195 >200
    HEIGHT 5'0"-5'5" 5'4"-6'0" >5'7"
    WAIST(Inches) 25-39 31-41 39-54
    CHEST(Inches) 30-39 35-46 >44
     Mares Magellan BCD Size Chart
      XXS/XS S/M L/XL
    WEIGHT 90-155 130-195 >200
    HEIGHT 5'0"-5'5" 5'4"-6'0" >5'7"
    WAIST(Inches) 25-39 31-41 39-54
    CHEST(Inches) 30-39 35-46 >44
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