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Dive suit packages have everything you need for your scuba diving expedition regarding clothing. They are a comprehensive solution for divers as they include the dive suit, hood, gloves, and boots.

You will find various types of dive suits to match your diving expectations and diving conditions. Beginners and experienced divers find scuba gear packages practical because they have all they need at very affordable prices.

So, let’s see how we can keep you comfortable and warm during your underwater expeditions.

Key Components of Diving Suit Packages


Wetsuits are the most common type of dive suit. They are made of neoprene material that traps a thin layer of water between the suit and the skin. This water warms up from body heat and provides insulation in cooler waters.

Dive suit packages often include wetsuits of various thicknesses, ranging from 3mm for warmer waters to 7mm for colder conditions. Wetsuits come with practical features like reinforced knee pads, zippers for easy donning and doffing, and anatomical cuts for better fit and flexibility. These are standard in high-quality wetsuits.


Drysuits are designed to keep you completely dry by using watertight seals at the neck, wrists, and ankles. These suits are ideal for diving in very cold waters or for extended dive sessions.

Dive suit packages that include drysuits often come with additional accessories such as undergarments for added insulation, maintenance kits for the seals, and inflator hoses to manage buoyancy.


Semi-drysuits bridge the gap between wetsuits and drysuits. They are made from thicker neoprene and have better seals than wetsuits, which reduce the amount of water that enters the suit.

This type of suit is better for moderate to cold water temperatures and provides greater warmth than standard wetsuits while more flexible than drysuits.

Hoods, Gloves, and Boots

To complete the thermal protection, diving gear packages often include hoods, gloves, and boots made from neoprene.

These accessories protect extremities from cold water and maintain overall body warmth. Remember that the body perceives cold from the hands and feet so when you keep them warm, you feel comfortable throughout.

They come in various thicknesses to match the suit and diving conditions. They also come in sizes to match your needs and fit seamlessly.

Maintenance and Care Accessories

Your dive suit will live longer with proper maintenance. Many dive suit packages often include other critical equipment such as fin accessories and mask accessories, care accessories such as hangers designed for wetsuits, lubricants for zippers, and cleaning solutions and shampoos to remove salt, chlorine, and organic residues.

Benefits of Dive Suit Packages

Diving suit packages are practical and affordable and make financial sense.

Cost Savings

A scuba diving gear package is usually more affordable than buying each component separately. Packages offer bundled discounts which make it easier to invest in high-quality gear without breaking the bank.


A scuba package provides the convenience of having everything you need in one purchase. This maximizes compatibility and eliminates the guesswork in matching different brands and styles.

Comprehensive Protection

When all essential components—suits, hoods, gloves, boots, and maintenance items—are bundled together, you know you are fully equipped to go for your next diving exploration. It gives a sense of safety and comfort that all has been taken care of.

Customization Options

All dive suit packages offer customization options. You can choose boot sizes and the thickness of the dive suit, so that it fits nicely and lets you swim around in absolute comfort and warmth. 

Dive suit packages from Divers Supply

Dive suit packages are an excellent investment for divers of all levels. They offer a complete and compatible set of gear so you can enjoy underwater expeditions in full safety.

Give us a call and our experts will guide you through the best options. Check our shipping policy and return policy for a hassle-free shopping experience and consider our gift cards option for the diving enthusiasts in your life!

At Divers Supply, we have dive suit packages at the most competitive prices. We only work with excellent dive suit manufacturers. Whether you’re diving in warm tropical waters or exploring cold, deep environments, our dive suit packages will deliver thermal protection and comfort for enjoyable dives.


How do I choose the right thickness for a wetsuit in my dive suit package?

The right thickness depends on the water temperature where you’ll be diving.

Generally, 3mm wetsuits are suitable for warm waters (above 75°F/24°C), 5mm wetsuits for moderate temperatures (60-75°F/16-24°C), and 7mm wetsuits for colder waters (50-60°F/10-16°C).

For very cold waters, a drysuit or semi-drysuit might be necessary.

How do I know if my dive suit and accessories fit?

For a proper fit, check the sizing charts provided by the manufacturer and measure yourself according to their guidelines.

Key measurements typically include chest, waist, hips, and height for suits, and hand and foot size for gloves and boots.

Are dive suit packages suitable for beginners?

Yes, dive suit packages are suitable for beginners as they provide all the essential gear needed for a safe and comfortable diving experience. Our Divers Supply dive suit packages offer the convenience of having compatible gear and can be more cost-effective than purchasing items separately.

What is included in a typical dive suit package?

A typical dive suit package may include a wetsuit or drysuit, hood, gloves, boots, and often additional items like maintenance accessories such as hangers, zipper lubricants, and cleaning solutions. The contents can vary depending on the package and the intended diving conditions.