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Dive watches make your scuba diving safe and they are an essential part of your scuba gear. A scuba watch tells you how much time you have left in your tank and can be a life-saving device.

Scuba watches, also known as dive watches, are specialized watches designed for underwater diving as they combine resistance, durability, and functionality.

These watches obviously tell the time but they also monitor dive times and maximize safety during scuba diving activities.

If you are wondering about the quality of your scuba watch, here is an overview of the key considerations and safety features of scuba watches. Once you know more, you are ready to pick the right product from our Divers Supply collection.

What Makes a Good Dive Watch?

Water Resistance

The most important feature of a scuba watch is its water resistance.

Unlike standard watches, scuba watches are designed to withstand the pressure at the depths divers typically explore, often rated for depths of at least 100 meters (330 feet), with many models offering much higher ratings suitable for deep diving. While you might not dive as far down as 100 meters, your watch should be water-resistant at such pressures.

Dive watch manufacturers go to great lengths to check and verify water resistance.

Bezel Functionality

A unidirectional rotating bezel is a hallmark of dive watches. It allows divers to track their dive time easily. The bezel is designed to move only counterclockwise so that if it's accidentally bumped, it shows more elapsed time rather than less, which provides an additional safety margin for divers managing their air supply.


High legibility under various lighting conditions, including the dark underwater environment is essential for scuba watches. They feature bold, luminous markers and hands to ensure the diver can easily read the time at a glance. The 12 o’clock position is highly legible for optimal orientation. While any watch is perfectly visible on land, the sea can be murky and dark, which is why you need your new dive watch to be perfectly visible with luminous hands and markers.

Additional Features

Modern scuba automatic watches may include a range of additional features such as depth gauges, digital logbooks, temperature sensors, and even GPS functionality. These features can boost the diving experience with valuable information and tracking capabilities.

ISO Certification

Many high-quality scuba watches comply with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 6425 standards for diving watches. This certification ensures the watch meets stringent requirements for water resistance, shock resistance, magnetic resistance, and durability, among other criteria.

Durability and Construction

Scuba watches are built to endure the harsh underwater environment, featuring strong construction with materials like stainless steel bracelets, titanium, or high-grade plastics.

The crystal is usually made of sapphire or hardened mineral glass to resist scratching and pressure. The bezel, case, and strap are designed to withstand corrosion from salt water and mechanical shocks.

How Manufacturers Check for Water Resistance

Do you ever wonder how manufacturers check for water resistance? The process is sustained and very meticulous.

Static Pressure Testing

This is the most basic test, where the watch is placed in a chamber filled with water. The pressure inside the chamber is gradually increased to the specified depth rating of the watch (e.g., 100 meters, 200 meters, etc.) and held there for a certain period.

This process tests the watch's resistance to water ingress under static conditions. The pressure applied is typically greater than the watch's rated depth to ensure a margin of safety. Filters are employed to maintain precise pressure control during the test.

Dynamic Pressure Testing

To simulate the actual conditions of diving, including the movement and varying pressures, manufacturers run dynamic pressure tests.

One common method involves mounting the watch on a robotic arm that moves the watch around in a pressurized tank of water, mimicking the motions of a diver's arm. This test checks that the watch maintains its integrity and water resistance through various activities underwater.

Thermal Shock Testing

Water resistance can also be affected by temperature changes, so thermal shock tests are performed.

In these tests, the watch is moved between environments of differing temperatures while submerged underwater. For example, it might be moved from hot water to cold water without a change in external pressure and within a short period. This tests the watch's seals and materials against contraction and expansion, which could potentially allow water to enter.

Condensation Test

This test checks for moisture ingress that might not be immediately apparent. After subjecting the watch to temperature changes or pressure changes, the watch is placed on a warm surface. A cold drop of water is then placed on the crystal. If condensation forms on the inside of the glass, it indicates that moisture has entered the watch.

Real-world Diving Test

In addition to laboratory tests, some manufacturers may also conduct real-world diving tests, where watches are worn by divers and taken to various depths. These tests provide additional assurance that the watches can perform as expected in the actual conditions they're designed for.

Additional Tests

Manufacturers may also perform additional quality control tests, such as resistance to salt water, the durability of the strap or bracelet, and the watch's functionality after exposure to magnetic fields.

High-quality dive watches often comply with international standards, such as the ISO 6425 standard for dive watches, which outlines specific requirements and testing methods for water resistance, durability, legibility, and other important features.

How to Choose the Right Scuba Watch for You from Divers Supply

Our Divers Supply dive watch collection means you are spoilt for choice. Here is a guide to help you make the best choice for your scuba diving needs.

Understand the Basics of Water Resistance

Look for watches with a minimum water resistance of 100 meters (330 feet), though most serious divers prefer watches with a rating of 200 meters or more. This is because the water resistance rating indicates the maximum depth at which a watch can withstand water pressure under static conditions, not while moving underwater, which increases pressure. Our collection includes top-quality dive watches from trusted manufacturers.

Consider the Type of Diving You'll Be Doing

If you're into recreational diving, a watch with a water resistance of 200 meters might be sufficient. However, for more advanced diving, such as deep-sea or technical diving, you might need a watch with higher water resistance, advanced features like a helium escape valve, or a higher level of durability.

Evaluate the Watch's Visibility

Look for watches with large, clear dials, luminous markers, and hands that are easy to read under low light conditions underwater. The watch should allow you to quickly and easily read the time and any other critical information at a glance and in less-than-perfect light conditions.

Check the Bezel Functionality

A unidirectional rotating bezel is a key feature of dive watches as it’s used to track dive time. Check the bezel moves smoothly but is secure enough not to be accidentally adjusted. The markings should be clear, and the first 15 minutes should ideally have minute markings for precise timing.

Material and Durability

Dive watches are made from materials that can withstand the harsh marine environment, including saltwater corrosion, and physical impacts.

Stainless steel, titanium, and ceramics are common materials for the case and bezel. They deliver a good balance between durability and weight. The watch crystal should be made from sapphire crystal or reinforced mineral glass for scratch resistance.

Comfort and Fit

What’s the point of a watch if it feels uncomfortable on your write?

The watch should fit comfortably on your wrist, even over a wetsuit. Consider the case size and weight of the watch, as well as the straps or bracelet material. Rubber, silicone, or metal bracelets with a deployment clasp and divers' extension are popular choices because they are durable and adjustable.

Additional Features

Modern dive watches come with a range of features, from depth sensors and digital logbooks to GPS and temperature readings. Decide which features are essential for your diving activities and which are nice to have.


Dive watches for men and women can range from affordable to luxury prices. Determine your budget early on and keep in mind that while higher-priced watches often offer superior craftsmanship, materials, and menu features, there are also many reliable and durable options available at lower price points.

Brand Reputation and Warranty

Our Divers Supply dive watch collection only includes reputable brands, known for quality dive watches. Our manufacturers offer excellent warranty and accessible service, which can be invaluable for maintenance and repair needs over the lifetime of the watch.

Thanks for diving into our guide on dive watches! At Divers Supply, we're passionate about providing you with the best gear for your underwater adventures. But our collection doesn't stop there. Join our community and view our wide range of best-selling timepieces, including Swiss chronograph watches and limited edition pieces for both men's watches and women's watches. 

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