Tusa T-Wing Pro Package

Tusa T-Wing Pro Package

Tusa T-Wing Pro Package



Tusa T-Wing Pro Package
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Tusa T-Wing Pro Package


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    Divers supply Product

    Tusa T-Wing Pro Package

    Every diver has different needs, so Divers Supply has custom packages to fit your specific needs as a scuba diver. The complete scuba package comes with a Scuba BCD, Regulator, Octo, Gauge, and Regulator Bag. Unlike other dive centers (even possibly your own local dive store) where you may find few options and possibly, only the one that they want to sell, we give you choices to customize your own personal package. Be confident that all equipment is fully assembled by factory-trained certified scuba divers.

     Tusa T-Wing BCD 

    The TUSA t-wing BC is a tech-styled BC that offers a lightweight, customizable platform. The aluminum backplate and compact donut bladder provide assured stability in the water. Achieve perfect trim and comfort with the optional accessory pockets and single tank adapter.
    Tusa RS-1001 Regulator

    Equipped with upgraded high-pressure poppet assembly and a well-balanced diaphragm design, the TUSA RS-1001 Regulator increases reliability. It maintains slight variations in medium pressure in response to variations in the pressure of the residual tank. The 1st stage lightweight regulator is ecologically sealed. It protects internal parts against the contaminants like pool acids, chlorine, and or salt. Featuring two-LP high flow ports, it optimizes the 2nd stage output for comfortable inhalation. The 2nd stage comes with a silicone ortho-conscious mouthpiece. TUSA RS-1001 Regulator will be an ideal choice for an improved user experience.

    TUSA Compass / Pressure Analog Console (included)

     The TUSA Compass / Pressure Analog Console is a newly redesigned compass and pressure gauge console that is an ideal supplement to a wrist-type dive computer such as the IQ-650, IQ-750, or IQ-900. The console provides continuous air pressure, temperature, and navigational direction in an easy-to-read format. Lightweight and efficient, the SCA-270 features a top and side view compass on the console and is engineered and manufactured to rigid quality and performance TUSA standards. Both gauge and compass feature luminscent light storage dials that are highly legible in dark or low visibility conditions. The entire face glows bright enough to make it ideal for night diving or diving in dark areas but contains no radioactive materials.

    Tusa Safe Second SS-0001

    The SS0001 safe-second has a lightweight and compact composite case design and allows for both left and right-hand configuration. The SS0001 features a venturi adjustment lever for easier breathing and an ortho-conscious mouthpiece.

    FREE Mesh Bag 

    The BA0103 Mesh Backpack has a generous main compartment built with heavy-duty rubberized mesh. The unique extended main zipper provides easy access to all areas within the bag. The main compartment includes an internal zippered pocket. The Padded shoulder straps provide comfort while transporting your gear.

    Tusa TC1 Wrist Computer (included)

    TUSA's TC1 is a stylish wrist computer ideal for all divers. Whether it's your primary or backup computer, the TC1 is here for you. The intuitive display and menu will not leave you confused. A long-life rechargeable LI-ION battery keeps your TC1 running strong your entire dive day. Go dive noise-free by activating the TC1 vibration mode.


    Based on Buhlmann ZHL-16C for safer dive
    Rechargeable LI-ION battery and long battery life
    User-friendly interface design
    Support Scuba, Plan, Freediving, and Gauge Modes
    Audio / Visual alarm and vibration equipped
    Adjustable backlight equipped

    California residents please click here for Proposition 65 WARNING
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