Atomic TFX Regulator Sealed

Atomic TFX Regulator Sealed

Apeks Xl4 Ocea 1St Stage

Apeks Xl4 Ocea 1St Stage

Scubapro MK25 EVO BT/S620Ti 60th Anniversary Carbon BT

Scubapro MK25 EVO BT/S620Ti 60th Anniversary Carbon BT

Atomic TFX Regulator Sealed

Atomic TFX Regulator Sealed
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Atomic TFX Regulator Sealed

Atomic Aquatics engineers reimagined the rather unconventional front exhaust regulator design to create the most natural and effortless breathing regulator for all diving attitudes or positions. Traditional rear exhaust regulators have more breathing resistance in certain dive positions, like looking up. The TFX gives divers enhanced and sophisticated air delivery with dramatically reduced inhalation effort compared to all other regulators on the market. Atomic Aquatics engineers deconstructed every component of previous front exhaust regulator designs to reevaluate and reimagine function and performance. The genesis of the unique Atomic TFX design lies in positioning the exhaust valve in the center of the inhalation diaphragm and mounting both in the front of the regulator, which provides enhanced breathing performance and superior dryness not possible in a conventional design. In extreme diving positions, like looking upwards, the TFX exhaust valve and diaphragm are positioned at exactly at the same level with no pressure differential. Any water will collect at the exhaust valve and be easily exhaled with each breath. The water column effect is minimal in the TFX, compared to the large water column effect in the conventional regulator, which will become more difficult to inhale since the diaphragm is higher than the mouthpiece. The TFX is much less sensitive to different attitudes encountered during diving. The radical TFX design created engineering and design challenges that resulted in fresh case architecture – a complex series of fluid and natural geometries that integrate seamlessly with the narrow-width case and front cover. These unique forms were truly necessitated by function, such as finding an innovative way to route the exhaust from the front of the regulator to the rear. Form follows function with the sweeping flexible front purge cover and extended soft silicone rubber exhaust deflectors that route bubbles away from and behind the diver’s field of view.

Key Features: 

  • First-Stage:
  • Solid Titanium Construction
  • Monel Piston
  • Balanced Flow-Thru Piston Design
  • Atomics Jet Seat High-Flow Piston
  • Exclusive High-Pressure Piston Seal System: Self-Lubricating
  • Self-Lubricating for Low Friction Low Maintenance
  • No Sharp Edges: Conical Seat Blunt-End Piston
  • Precision Machined from Extremely Strong Aerospace Specification Seat Material
  • Most Reliable Seat System-In Industry
  • Seat System: 3-Years or 300 Dives w/o Service
  • Freeze Protected w/Factory-Sealed First-Stage
  • Freeze Protected: Prevents Contamination, Silt Sand
  • 2 High-Pressure (HP) 7/16" Ports
  • 5 Low-Pressure (LP) 3/8" Ports
  • LP Port Swivel Turret for Ease of Hose Routing
  • Unique 4X Yoke Knob: Tighten or Remove w/Only 1-Turn
  • Second-Stage:
  • All New Regulator Design
  • TFX Regulator Design: All About Attitude!
  • Name Refers to Titanium Front Exhaust (TFX)
  • Nitrox Ready for Mixtures Up to 40% Out-of-the-Box
  • 3/8" Threaded 32" (81.3cm) Low Pressure Hose
  • Weight: Approximately 1.7 lbs. (771.1g)
  • Owner Manual
  • Diaphragm Exhaust Valve Centered In-Front of Regulator
  • Unique Advantages for Improved Breathing Dryness
  • Reimagined Reengineered Front Exhaust Design
  • All Corrosion Resistance Titanium 2nd-Stage Metal Components
  • Soft Grip Venturi Control Knob
  • Special Tuning Switch Variable Lift Cam
  • Reversible Low-Pressure Rubber Seat for Easy Maintenance
  • Atomics Patented Seat Saving Dynamic Orifice
  • Low Friction Cap at Cam Surface
  • Soft Flexible Front Purge-Cover
  • Extended Silicone Exhaust Tee
  • Totally Unique Industrial Design
  • Fluid Lines Geometries
  • Coaxial Diaphragm Exhaust Valve: 360-Degree Breathing Effort
  • LP Hose Manufactured from Super-Flex Medical Grade Silicone Core
California residents please click here for Proposition 65 WARNING
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Product Category Regulators
Regulator Configuration Regulator 1st & 2nd Stage w- Hose
Regulator Special Features Adjustable 2nd Stage, Balanced 1st Stage, Balanced 2nd Stage, Swivel 1st Stage, Venturi 2nd Stage
SKU ATO-03-0300-XX
Brand Atomic
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