Bonaire has been listed as one of the world’s top dive destinations for many years and has been called a divers’ paradise.

Located just north of Venezuela in the southern Caribbean, the island of Bonaire offers an unforgettable dive experience for both beginners and advanced divers. Because of the tremendous value of its Marine Park resources this Dutch Caribbean island has worked tirelessly to protect these natural resources for over 40 years. This protection has allowed for abundance and diversity of native coral and fish species, which can be found throughout the roughly 86 dive sites marked by yellow rocks located around the island. Many of these dive sites are accessible by either boat or shore allowing for an ease of diver access not found in many places. The unrestricted shore diving is one of Bonaire’s biggest draws for divers who want to spend the majority of their time diving during the day as well as for those who would like to dive through the night, or any combination of the two. Along with all the beautiful reefs, there are a number of wrecks scattered around the island with the most famous being the Hilma Hooker, a 240 foot freighter sunk in 1984. Boat diving is available with many of the dive travel packages for those who would like to visit some of the more restrictive sites or the dive sites around the uninhabited Klein Bonaire islet just off the west coast. The tropical climate makes Bonaire a perfect dive destination for any time of year with the cooler water temperatures being in early spring and warmer water temperatures towards the late fall. Travel to the island directly from the United States is still limited to a few airlines and flight days which helps keep the island from being overrun. When it comes to ease and flexibility in diving and extraordinary marine life you are hard pressed to find many places in the world to match what the island of Bonaire has to offer. So find yourself a yellow rock and come dive.

Divers Supply is planning their 5th annual trip to the Divers Paradise!!

Lodging is provided by Eden Beach Resort with an option of a two bedroom quad occupancy apartment or double occupancy studio. Buffet style breakfast is included every morning as well as a truck per 4 divers for access around the island. Eden beach is located just north of the islands capital Kralendijk.

We dive with Wanna Dive Bonaire whose motto is “Bring back the fun” and they honestly do. They have a great staff and crew who make the extra effort to ensure we are all having a good time, which is hard not to do with the group that travels with us. Wanna Dive is located at Eden Beach Resort and has an unlimited supply of both air and nitrox tanks, which makes it very convenient for those of us who want to dive, dive, dive.

Check out our flyer for more detailed information on the trip.