A guide to one of Florida’s best freshwater dives


Designated as a Natural Landmark in 1972, Rainbow River is one of our all-time favorite freshwater dives because of its natural beauty and near-perfect clarity!

Rainbow River’s glassy surface allows you to view much of the underwater beauty from the top-side, but the view is even better below! This spring-fed river’s visibility averages 150 feet, allowing divers to witness an array of turtles, bass, garfish, needlefish, otters, and fishing birds swimming over and through the undulating eelgrass. Divers can explore the small caverns as well as play in the spring boils while drifting downriver. Rainbow River moves at a gentle 1-knot current and is approximately 72 degrees year-round, making this a relaxing, effortless drift dive for any season.

To best enjoy this dive, catch a boat ride upstream at KP Hole County Park with one of the local pontoon boat captains and let the current take you back down the river. Depending on how far upriver you start your dive and whether you fin hard or just float with the current, dive times can range anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour. The boat captains make regular diver pickups from the docks at KP Hole Park during peak hours, but it is best to call ahead for appointments.

Ready to pack your dive bags and head to Rainbow River? Join one of our group dives on Sunday mornings! Click here for more information on our Florida Springs trips. Looking to plan your own trip? See below for some helpful contact information. Happy Diving!  

divers at cavern entrance

For park hours and general information:

KP Hole County Park

9435 SW 190 Ave. Rd.

Dunnellon, FL 34432

(352) 489-3055



For information on boat services:

Crystal Lodge Dive Center

525 NW 7th Ave

Crystal River, FL 34428

(352) 795-6798



Rainbow Water Taxi

P.O. Box 1490

Dunnellon, FL 34430

(352) 427-0457