Your next dive adventure!

As an Open Water Scuba Diver you are now ready to expand your knowledge and experience. The SDI Advanced Adventure Diver course is your next step!


This is a great course and will give you a taste, of five different SDI specialties under the direct supervision of your Divers Supply instructor. As with your Open Water course, the Advanced Adventure course is done in 3 easy steps.

Step 1:  Academics;  These are done as a self study via a manual or on-line course.

Step 2:  Knowledge Quest Review Session where your instructor will discuss the finer points of the information included in your academics.  At the conclusion of this session your instructor will discuss with you what you can expect during your checkout dives.

Step 3:  Schedule your Advanced Adventure dives. Of the 5 dives required for certification, two are from core specialties, Deep and Navigation Diver. These are the foundation of continuing diver education. The 3 remaining dives are your choice. The following is a list of a few specialties that normally fall into common choices for these dives.  

• Advanced Buoyancy Control

• Wreck Diver

• Nitrox Diver

• Boat Diver

• Drift Diver

• Night and Limited Visibility

• Marine Ecosystem Awareness

Check out the SDI website for a complete list of specialty courses.

  • All 5 certification dives will be conducted with your instructor who will convey the hands on knowledge required to be a competent Advanced Adventure Diver.
  • The Advanced Adventure course is intended as an introduction to five specialties. These are not complete specialties but do give you an overview of each specialty.
  • One dive of each specialty may apply towards the completion of that specialty certification. Upon completion of this course you’re on your way to achieve your full SDI ADVANCED SCUBA DIVER certification. *See details in the Advanced Diver section.

*If you took the Nitrox diver specialty with your open water course you can make these dives on Nitrox.