Cressi Travel Patrol Scuba Package

Cressi Travel Patrol Scuba Package

Spare Air Easydive Kit

Spare Air Easydive Kit

Tusa Intega Mask w Reader Lens

Tusa Intega Mask w Reader Lens

Cressi Travel Patrol Scuba Package



Cressi Travel Patrol Scuba Package
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Cressi Travel Patrol Scuba Package


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    Cressi Travel Patrol Package

    Cressi Travel Package for Recreational divers, offers everything you need to dive in warm or in temperate waters. The set consists of the Patrol BCD, MC9/Compact regulator, Octopus Compact, Donatello Console 2. The carry-on Piper is included. The Patrol is a back bouyancy BCD, very versatile for all types of diving, with a robust but lightweight construction at the same time and with a low volume for transport but strong and very flexible. The MC9/Compact is the ideal regulator for travelers, light and great performance. It features an hyperbalanced membrane that allows for effortless breathing. 2 HP and 4 LP ports available for different use. The second stage has a compact size and the air exhalation is pushed sideways not obstructing the visibility. The Donatello Console 2 is an essential device for safe diving. It is equipped with the Donatello computer, which offers all the information necessary for the dive: depth, dive time, remaining time, and so on. The computer is equipped with the RGBM algorithm which constantly calculates the decompression curve inviting the diver to perform Deep Stops. The Piper is a suitcase designed and especially convenient for air travel, with a special 2 stage telescoping handle and 2 exterior compression straps with quick-release buckles. Several zippers, heavy-duty wheel housing, bumper protection, and scratch-resistant denier fabric ensure that your equipment will be able to be stored safely.

    Key Features
    • Complete Life Support System
    • Compact Low Maintenance Regulator
    • Reliable Octopus Regulator
    • Weight Integrated Back Inflator Style BCD
    • Ergonomic Computer 2 Gauge Console
    • Travel Roller Gear Bag
    What's in the Box
    • 1st-Stage - 2nd-Stage - Octopus - LP Hoses - BCD - QD Hose - Computer Console - HP Hose - Gear Bag - Owner Manuals - MFG 2 Year Limited Warranty

    California residents please click here for Proposition 65 WARNING
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    Brand Cressi
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