OMS 60 Ocean Wing Chemically Resistant

OMS 60 Ocean Wing Chemically Resistant

OMS 60 Tesseract Wing

OMS 60 Tesseract Wing

OMS 45 Deep Ocean Wing Chemically Resistant

OMS 45 Deep Ocean Wing Chemically Resistant

OMS 60 Ocean Wing Chemically Resistant



OMS 60 Ocean Wing Chemically Resistant
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OMS 60LB  (27 KG) Ocean Wing Chemically Resistant

Ocean Wings are fabricated from an outer bag of Chemical resistant material, backed with a layer of urethane to protect against abrasion and punctures. The inner bladder is constructed of polyurethane material, ultrasonically welded seams and fittings for added strength. Pull down the zipper of the outer cover of the OMS BC and you will see 1000 denier Nylon fabric backed with Polyurethane (PU) and on the Chemically Resistant BC's 5-6 oz. (141.75-170.1g) PU front and back. This thicker PU coating helps prevent abrasion and increases puncture resistance of the outer bag. Most competitors use only 0.5 oz. (14.2 g) or no urethane backing on their BC covers making them susceptible to punctures, abrasion and subsequent leaks. Housed inside the outer cover OMS uses a puncture resistant bladder constructed from 200 denier Nylon fabric backed with .12mm of TPU. Most of OMS's competitors use only a thin plastic film bladder that is more susceptible to damage. There are other differences such as 100% quality assurance inspection for leaks, imperfections and defects before your OMS BC Wing is delivered. The 60 lbs. (27.2 kg) lift Wing comes equipped with retraction bands to provide a low drag, low profile, and rapid deflation unit. The retractor bands are handy when diving in overhead, cave and wreck diving environments. They incorporate a pull dump located at the driver's side lower left and an OMS inflator hose exiting the center of the BC, tank side, and provide quality without compromise. OMS power inflator mechanism comes with a low pressure 3/8" threaded quick-disconnect (QD) hose. This BC has been redesigned to meet the stringent requirements of Public Safety Divers (PSD) and Military divers around the world with regard to diving either in polluted water or HAZMAT conditions. New materials added to prevent adsorption of toxic liquids and undesirable substances. This makes the BC easy to decontaminate. The wing comes with an owner's manual.


  • Horseshoestyle configuration
  • Inflator hose is positioned at the top center for use with double tanks
  • Power inflator hose included
  • Dump valve on the lower left side
  • 1000 denier nylon outer bag with urethane backing protects against abrasions and punctures
  • Zipper has an interior flap to protect inner bladder
  • Inner bladder material is polyurethane material with ultrasonically welded fittings and seams
  • A soft Single Tank Adaptor is recommended for use with a single cylinder for added stability
  • Low Pressure (LP) inflation hose included
California residents please click here for Proposition 65 WARNING
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