Serenity S1 Sport Dive Computer Grey

Serenity S1 Sport Dive Computer Grey

Seac Action Watch Computer

Seac Action Watch Computer

Shearwater Teric Dive Computer

Shearwater Teric Dive Computer

Serenity S1 Sport Dive Computer Grey

S1 Sport: Touch Diving Computer
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Serenity Concept S1 Sport

This French-made dive computer is the answer to all recreational divers who would like to have a large display on the computer. This computer is a classic device for recreational divers. It is possible to set only air for diving or only nitrox up to 40% oxygen content. This model includes three different modes: Air/Nitrox Dive Computer, Free Dive or Bottom Timer. The navigation system is not implemented but can be updated for an additional fee. 

ADVANTAGES of the S1 Sport computer:

  1. Full-color OLED screen in a sealed case with no openings TFT color touch screen (touch works on the surface, we change the menu underwater with a quick movement of the wrist)
  2. Bülhmann Zhl-16c decompression algorithm
  3. Air or Nitrox control up to 40%
  4. Conservative settings in 3 levels
  5. No buttons- Instant on at 3.3 ft 
  6. No battery compartment
  7. surface-navigation menu accessible from the touch screen
  8. Ergonomic display
  9. Android and Ios applications - easy configuration and operation.
  10. Ideal for recreational divers and diving centers, diving schools
  11. Inductive charger
  12. 30 hours of operation from a full charge
  13. Storage time approximately 6 months on a full charge

  14. Bluetooth Connectivity to computers and portable devices

  15. Upgradable software platform – through blue tooth connectivity with android or apple devices

  16. Depth tested to 200m (660 ft)

  17. Depth Rated to 100m (330 ft)

  18. Computer is designed as a recreational dive computer but it does decompression stops if NDL is exceeded

  19. Does not lockout if deco is violated

  20. The size is 40x40x14mm and its weight about 100 grams

  21. Warranty 2 years

The S1 Sport marine computer: simplify your diving practice

Whether you are a seasoned diver or a casual practitioner, make your dive experience even safer and more enjoyable with one of the best dive computers on the market. In addition to being fully tactile, the S1 Sport has an intuitive and ergonomic interface. This dive computer has a backlit color display that is easy to read under any conditions. Its autonomy is 30h in diving mode.
S1 Sport embodies the new generation of diving instruments. Equip yourself with the perfect companion for comfortable and safe dives. This device allows you to prepare your dive upstream and follow many parameters in real-time. Moreover, by opting for this innovative marine instrument, you value a 100% French know-how.

The highlights of the S1 Sport touchscreen marine computer

  • Equipped with the Bülhman Zhl-16c air/nitrox decompression algorithm, S1 Sport has a backlit touch screen.
  • Fully tactile on the surface, the S1 Sport marine computer has no buttons. Perfectly legible, this instrument will accompany you during your dives day and night.
  • Free from wired connection for perfect sealing, charging is done by induction.
  • The features can be activated directly on the screen of the device or via your smartphone thanks to the application "Plan N Dive" (connection by BlueTooth).
  • A second application (Serenity Up!) Will allow you to update your SERENITY CONCEPT instrument for free.

What's included:

  • S1 Sport computer
  • induction charger
  • film protecting the display against scratches
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Available Apps: 

Serenity Up!  This app enables you to keep the software in your SERENITY Computer up to date and purchase added features.


Plan N Dive! This app will let you save all the settings required to plan your dive in the best way possible.


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