Sea Elite Surface Air Delivery System

Sea Elite Surface Air Delivery System

Sea Elite Surface Air Delivery System

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Sea Elite Surface Air Delivery System
Sea Elite Surface Air Delivery System

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    Surface Air or Long Hose Diving Systems allows you to dive without a tank, (leaving your tank at the surface, on the boat, on shore or tow it behind in an inflatable raft)! Diving without a tank gives you a greater degree of freedom and flexibility. The Long Hose Diving system can be used for pool fun to experience weightlessness and enjoy the underwater world, or for hunting, recovery and exploring beneath the surface. The system is a must have for boat owners, so they can conduct inspections below the surface and recovery hung-up anchors.

    Simply connect this system to a scuba tank and you ready to dive.


    • Regulator Complete (1st & 2nd Stage) 
    • PSIG (to monitor tank pressure) 
    • 30 ft Hose (hose with swivel) 
    • Diving Belt (to attach & control the air hose & weights as need)

    Sea Elite RX330 Regulator

    Simple construction and extraordinary toughness are matched by outstanding performance. A classic, unbalanced piston first-stage offers 4 low-pressure ports, 1 high-pressure port, and the simplicity of one moving part. A rugged, lightweight, non-adjustable second stage with a pillow-bite mouthpiece and venturi assist rounds out this great economy regulator. Combined with a unique high-flexibility hose, this is one of the most comfortable regs you can buy without a swiveling second-stage!

    Sea Elite Slimline PSI

    Small and compact 5000psi brass pressure gauge, packed in a streamlined rubber shock resistant boot.

    30 ft Hose

    Upgrades available for 50 ft, 75 ft, or 100 ft for more range and mobility.

    Weight Belt

    2" Nylon webbing weight belt with buckle. Comes with deluxe weight buckle made from Delrin. Weight belt is tough enough to be used in any situation or for most purposes. includes 5in Web Loop to attatch and manage the regulator hose. (weights sold separately)

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