Scuba Gear Complete System Package

Scuba Gear Complete System Package

Sherwood Ladies Scuba Gear System Package

Sherwood Ladies Scuba Gear System Package

Scuba Gear Complete System Package

Scuba Gear Complete System Package

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Scuba Gear Complete System Package
Scuba Gear Complete System Package

Available to Order



    Sea Elite Scout BCD

    A clean and streamlined, no-nonsense weight integrated jacket style BC. Comfortable but extremely functional, the Sport BC from Sea Elite features a comfortable contoured air cell with big front pockets and multiple stainless steel d-rings. 

    Available in Sizes: XS- XXL

    Upgrades Available

    Sea Elite Scout Compact Regulator

    Sea Elite Scout Compact Regulator is one of the most affordably priced regulators you can buy. Small compact yet rugged designed regulator the Sea Elite Scout Compact Regulator combines performance and reliability in a small package. If you believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice performance for the price, the Scout Compact is for you. 

    Regulator Upgrades Available

    Sea Elite Scout Compact Octopus

    Sea Elite Scout Compact Octopus is one of the most affordably priced Octo/ safe second stage you can buy. Small compact yet rugged designed Octo the Sea Elite Scout Compact Octopus combines performance and reliability in a small package. If you believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice performance for the price, the Scout Compact is for you

    Sea Elite Slimline 2

    Compact 2 gauge console. Small and compact for less drag and weight. Brass pressure gauge to 5000psi and 220ft depth gauge with maximum depth indicator. In a streamlined rubber shock resistant boot.

    Upgrades Available

    Mares Puck Pro Plus Computer

    Mares Puck Pro Plus is backed by a two-year limited warranty, made to be super intuitive as well as easy to use, the wristwatch has a large display in a slim design along with upgradeable firmware and multi-gas capability. This wrist computer is the perfect companion that any diver could ask for a sit has no added frills and can accompany you through years and years of diving adventures. Commonly used for cold water, recreation, warm water, extreme depths, it is used by those customers who consider themselves to be an advanced, advanced diver among others.

    Upgrades Available

    Edge Deluxe Silicone Octo Holder

    Edge Deluxe Silicone Octo Keeper with Clip

    Edge Web Loop Console Holder

    Durable and reliable web console holder with plastic clip...

    Cyl-Tec Aluminum 80 Scuba Tank 

    The Aluminum 80 cu ft  Scuba Tank is the most popular Tank of the diving industry. The tank is a 3000 psi (207 bars) service pressure tank measuring 26.1" (66.3 cm) tall with a 7..25" (18.42 cm) diameter. The cylinder weighs 31.4 (14.2 kg) is negative 1.9 lbs. when full in saltwater and is positively buoyant 3.8 lbs. (1.9 kg) when empty. 

    Max Vision Ultra Mask 

    The Max Vision Ultra has a low internal profile thanks to its dual-lens design, which decreases the amount of surface area between the diver's face and the mask. Because there is less space to fill, less water can if your mask is accidentally knocked off by another diver. Less water between the mask and diver's face means the Max Vision Ultra is easier to clear than single-lens masks and many other dual-lens masks.

    Aero Snorkel

    The Edge Aero Snorkel has a splash-proof dry guard that virtually eliminates water intake through the top of the Tube. If any water enters the snorkel tube it can easily be blown out with the Easy Purge System One-Way Valve at the bottom of the snorkel tube.

    Upgrades Available

    Flex Open Heel Fins

    Lightweight, high-performance dual-composite fin blade for ultimate comfort, efficiency, and performance.  Featuring full-length power rails and a central flex channel. The Flex Open Heel Fin blade's Flexible Thrust Channel directs water off the tip of the blade for improved power and efficiency. The open heel foot pocket is held comfortable and secure with our unique, highly stretchable silicone heel strap.

    Tall 6mm Zipper Boots

    6mm nylon II neoprene zipper boot with rubber sole. Wide-tooth noncorrosive zipper with a gusset.

    Deluxe Mesh Duffle Bag

    The ideal bag for boat diving. It collapses and stores easily when not in use. It has a coated Cordura base with a heavy-duty PVC coated mesh upper. Its large capacity and oversized zipper closure opening make getting all your gear in and out easily and it will hold more than you will need on the boat with you. Carry it as a duffel in your hands or on your shoulder with the included shoulder strap. After the dive use it to rinse/soak your dive gear. Extensive utilization of breathe-through mesh on this large duffel facilitates the quick drying of wet equipment, and the bag drains easily when wet or waterlogged.

    1000 Lumen Marine Light 

    With this marine light diving torch, you can find your way underwater. It has a maximum brightness output of 1000Lm. Made of PA66, Silicone, and Aluminum, it can be used up to 100 meters underwater.

    Upgrades Available

    Hunter Dive Knife

    Stainless Steel Dive Knife is made of 420 Stainless Steel and includes quick-adjust knife straps. The thermoplastic molded handle fits comfortably in gloved or bare hands. Specially designed quick-adjust scuba knife straps eliminate the inconvenience of older style manual buckles. This dive knife easily comes apart for cleaning and maintenance.


    BCD Options

    Sea Elite Scout BCD

    This jacket style buoyancy compensator is designed for quality, comfort and durability. Comes with integrated lock weight pockets a simple and easy to use weight system. The back pack is padded and has a rear rubber area with a strong grip strap to safely attach the tank. Two generous zip up pockets allow stowing of even bulky accessories. On the back of the jacket two trim weight pockets allow for perfect distribution of the weights between these pockets and the integrated weight system. Has stainless steel D-rings to mount additional accesories. Can be folded up so that it can be stowed easily. The anatomical shape make it a very tight-fitting and streamlined jacket once underwater and it offers very little resistance to forward movement.


    • Rugged design and lift capacity
    • 2 quick release dump-able weight pockets (10 lbs each)
    • Padded hard backpack with carry handle
    • Equipped with integrated weight system
    • 2 Trim weight pockets (5 lbs each)
    • Two large zippered pockets Fixed sternum strap
    • Adjustable cummerbund
    • Strategically placed d-rings for accessories
    • Versatile power inflation/deflation with power inflator and lower pull-dump control

    Sea Elite Scout BCD

    The EDGE Element BCD is designed to be the perfect BCD for a myriad of divers and their unique uses. Dive Centers will find the Element’s rugged simplicity, easy adjustments, user friendly features and affordable price make it a perfect rental or training BCD. New divers will find the Element an excellent BCD for exploring their new past time and allow them the benefits of personal BCD ownership without breaking the bank. Traveling Divers will appreciate the durability of the Element, its lay-flat profile and lightweight making it an ideal travel Front Adjustable BCD.


    • Constructed of 420 Nylon for durability and minimal weight
    • Lift Capacity of 27 to 41lbs depending on BC size
    • Padded backpack with carry handle
    • Adjustable Waist Cummerbund
    • Two large zippered pockets for accessory storage
    • 5 Strategically placed Stainless Steel D-Ring Attachment Points
    • EZ-Connect Tank Attachment Strap
    • Two squeezes to release 10 lb integrated drop weight pockets accommodating up to 20lbs
    • Two non-dropping 5lb rear trim weight pockets accommodating up to an additional 10 lbs
    • EDGE Mini Inflator with rubber LP inflation hose

    Edge Element BCD

    Hog Pro BCD

    Not sure if you want a Back-inflate or Jacket style BCD? The HOG Pro BCD offers great stability at depth with a comfortable surface floating position. The Aircell combines back buoyancy with an air cell that wraps under the arms. This design provides better body orientation underwater and an effortless upright surface position when fully inflated. 

    The harness offers a soft pad that cushions the back and lumbar regions and has a molded plastic handle for lifting the BC.  Shoulder straps are mounted to a swiveling buckle, has 2 chest strap attachment points.  Comes with 2 shoulder black coated stainless d-rings and a molle like attachment panel on the right shoulder. The cummerbund is adjustable with depth-compensating elastic for snug fit and comfort.  The bottom of the Harness has 4 Black coated Stainless d-rings. The Hog Pro BC comes with a tank mounting plate with a durable cylinder cam buckle and strap for tank mounting and security and has 2 non-releasable trim weight pockets. 

    • Maximum lift with a streamlined design
    • Wrap-around air chambers on each side allow for a more upright position on the surface
    • Integrated Weight System - 20 lb capacity
    • Trim weight pockets -10 lb capacity
    • 2 attachment point chest strap
    • Adjustable Depth-Compensating Cummerbund
    • Three over-pressure relief valves strategically placed to optimize buoyancy control
    • Padded backpack with handle is comfortable and easy to manage.
    • Molle like Attachment points
    • 6 metal D-rings
    • Depth-compensating cummerbund for a secure fit at all depths
    • Heavy duty Material
    • Includes low pressure inflator hose
    • Three Over Pressure Relief/Pull Dump Valves
    • Tank height and adjustment strap 

    Hog Pro Bcd

    Regulator Options

    Sea Elite Scout Compact
    Edge Nano 
    Sea Elite Covert
    HOG D1X Classic
    Hog D3 Zenith

    Octopus Options

    Sea Elite Compact Octo
    Edge Nano Octopus
    HOG Rec-Tec Octopus
    HOG Zenith Octopus

    Gauge Options

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