Premium Scuba Mask Fin and Snorkel Package

Premium Scuba Mask Fin and Snorkel Package

Edge Flex Scuba Mask Snorkel Fins Package

Edge Flex Scuba Mask Snorkel Fins Package

Atomic X1 Pro Package

Atomic X1 Pro Package

Premium Scuba Mask Fin and Snorkel Package

Premium Scuba Mask Fin and Snorkel Package
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Premium Scuba Mask Fin and Snorkel Package


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    Premium Scuba Mask Fin and Snorkel Package

    Because every diver has different needs Divers Supply has taken our best selling items from each category to help fit your specific needs as a diver. And don't forget that Divers Supply offers full manufacturers warranty on all items we sell.   The package includes Mask, Fin and snorkel with many upgrade options.  This is your chance to get a great deal on a Value Mask, Snorkel and Fin Package! Just choose a product from each category.

    HOG Velocity Pro Open Heel Fins

    High performance professional fins with stiff molded side rails and a soft flexible center blade.  The soft channels running the length of the fin blade keeps it nice and flexible while the stiff side rails allow for good power and acceleration. The Hog Velocity Pro fin blade is engineered with strong side rails to improve stability and channel the thrust, the middle of the blade is thermoplastic and composite material to create an efficient channeling of thrust down the blade with a performance/effort ratio among the best on the market.  Fins secure a tight fit with raised rib on the foot plate and bungee strap with big easy-to-grasp finger loop. 

    Key Features

      • Open Heel Foot Pocket
      • Stiff molded side rails
      • Dual material flexible center channel blade
      • Light weight
      • Heavy duty Bungee Cord 
      • Heel Pad with finger loop for Additional Comfort

    EDGE Max Vision Ultra Mask

    The Max Vision Ultra has a low internal profile thanks to its dual lens design, which decreases the amount of surface area between the diver's face and the mask. Because there is less space to fill, less water can if your mask is accidentally knocked off by another diver. Less water between the mask and diver's face means the Max Vision Ultra is easier to clear than single lens masks and many other dual lens masks.

    Key Features:

      • Dual-Lens, Low volume for clearing convenience, yet designed for maximum visibility
      • Universal, super comfortable fit for a variety of face shapes
      • Swivel buckles for easy adjustment
      • Tempered glass for safety and durability

    Edge Costa Dry Snorkel

    The Edge Costa Dry Snorkel designed to deliver maximum performance for snorkelers and scuba divers. While snorkeling you can quickly dive down into the water without water entering the snorkel top. The soft corrugated flex hose adjusts to perfectlyfor a perfect fit.

    The ergonomical mouthpiece is very comfortable. It is made of high quality silicone and has amazing shock and wear resistance. An exhaust valve in the mouthpiece allows you to easily purge water from the tube if for some reason you allow water into the snorkel through the mouthpiece.

    Edge Deluxe Zipper Boot

    6mm nylon II neoprene zipper boot with rubber sole. Wide tooth noncorrosive zipper with gusset.

    • Key Features:
    • YKK Zipper
    • Protective heal cap
    • Nylon zipper stop
    • Nylon edge binding
    • 6mm nylon II neoprene

    Edge Dive Flag Duffle

      • Extremely versatile mesh backpack bag with drawstring and zipper entry . Light weight mesh backpack with Integrated soft handle, for easy carrying. Adjustable shoulder straps ensure a better fit. Internal pocket to store your personal items.


        31x22 inches

        78.74x55.88 centimeters

    • EZ Strap Wrapper

    This neoprene EZ Strap Wrapper simply slips over your existing Mask Strap. Neoprene EZ Strap Wrappers are water-ready fabrics that won’t tangle or pull at your hair. Customize your mask strap for a fun and bold and enjoy a comfortable dive.

    Key features: 

      • Strap-Wrapper with Velcro style opening along the bottom
      • Easy installation onto the existing rubber strap
      • Won’t pull or tangle your hair
      • Two layers of 2.5mm neoprene with rubber on the inside prevents slipping or twisting
      • wraps around your existing mask strap

    200Ft Viz Defog

    200Ft Viz is known to be the best mask defog on the market. It is made in the USA of 100% cosmetic grade ingredients. No Alcohol, No parabens.


    • Thick gel – stays on your lens
    • Made in the USA in an FDA Certified facility
    • 100% cosmetic grade ingredients
    • No Alcohol
    • No Parabens
    California residents please click here for Proposition 65 WARNING
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    Product Category Packages
    Brand HOG
    Hog Velocity Pro Fins
      Small Regular Large
    US Men's Shoe Size 4-7.5 8-10.5 11-15
    US Women's Shoe Size 5.5-9 9.5-11.5 12+
    Hog Velocity Pro Fins
      Small Regular Large
    US Men's Shoe Size 4-7.5 8-10.5 11-15
    US Women's Shoe Size 5.5-9 9.5-11.5 12+
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    Buy Premium Scuba Mask Fin and Snorkel Package from Divers Supply at the best price. Premium Scuba Mask Fin and Snorkel Package comes with a full Manufacturer warranty because Divers Supply is an authorized dealer for everything we sell.