Seac Travel Scuba Gear Package

Seac Travel Scuba Gear Package

Seac Smart Intro Scuba Gear Package

Seac Smart Intro Scuba Gear Package

Cressi Advanced Diver Scuba Gear Package with Tank

Cressi Advanced Diver Scuba Gear Package with Tank

Seac Travel Scuba Gear Package

Seac Travel Scuba Gear Package
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Seac Travel Scuba Gear Package


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    Seacsub Modular BCD

    Italian manufacturer SEAC this week launched the 'Modular', a new rear-bladder BCD designed - as the name suggests - to be modular in nature to suit a wide variety of divers and diving.

    The Modular BCD features a removable steel core, with a soft backpack and harness with removable shoulder straps. A 13.5-litre doughnut double-bladder is fitted as standard, along with two quick-release pockets for weights plus D-rings and a belly buckle made from anodized aluminum. Every part of the Modular is interchangeable and individual components and accessories can be added according to the diver's needs. 

    Standard-gauge eyelets and other connectors allow the SEAC Modular to accommodate a range of different wings and backpacks. The BCD disassembles quickly, takes up little space, and weighs in at just 2.9kg when dry, firmly placing it into the category of equipment suitable for travel.

    SEAC Modular Technical Specifications

    • Size: One Size
    • Lift: 13.6kgs / 30lbs
    • Weight: 2.9kgs / 6.4lbs


    • Cordura 1000 denier fabric and 3D mesh.
    • Shoulder straps with a Frame-to-Back fastening system.
    • D-ring and belly buckle in anodized aluminum.
    • Two trim pockets for weights up to 2 kg with a Velcro flap for quick release.
    • Removable crotch strap.

    Air Cell

    • Doughnut bladder in Cordura 1000 denier fabric
    • Air chamber in 400-micron polyurethane.
    • Piston inflator.

    Seac Dx200 Regulator Set

    The Seac DX 200 is your best bet if you want a versatile, lightweight regulator that delivers maximum performance. The Seac DX 200 Regulator has a first stage made from forged brass with sanded chrome finish material. The first stage design allows for minimum weight and size while ensuring consistent performance in demanding conditions, throughout the dive. The first stage features a high-performance balanced diaphragm design with total insulation from the outside environment for maximum safety and ease of maintenance.

    The diaphragm membrane transmits the pressure changes to the internal mechanism eliminating the need for the surrounding water to enter the intricate mechanism. The benefit of this type of first-stage design is that none of the internal parts are exposed to contaminants such as salt, sand, chlorine, or pool acids. These environmental contaminants cause corrosion and mineral deposits to form on the internal mechanism deteriorating regulator performance. The standard diaphragm regulator does allow water into the mainspring chamber so that the diaphragm can perform this transmission of pressure changes. The first stage has 2 high-pressure (HP) 7/16" threaded ports and 4 low-pressure (LP) 3/8" threaded ports with 2 inclined at 20° and 2 inclined at 30° for proper hose routing.

    The X200 second stage is a pneumatically balanced downstream design made from techno polymers, and elastomers, with components in metal and covered with luxury technology treatment for abrasion and scratch resistance. The second stage features an inhalation adjustment knob to increase or decrease inhalation effort. The second stage is also equipped with a pre-dive/dive venturi switch to prevent second-stage free flow on the surface or when swimming into a current. The X200 also incorporates low-friction metal components in an innovative, avant-garde design. The regulator comes with a 30" (76.2 cm) 3/8" threaded low-pressure hose, owner's manual, and weighs 40.2 oz. (1140 g).

    Key Features: 

    • Top performance, lightweight balanced adjustable regulator
    • Pneumatically Balanced Downstream Design
    • Balanced Diaphragm 1st Stage Design, Sanded Chrome Plated Forged Brass Body
    • 4 Low Pressure (LP) 3/8" Threaded Ports: -2 Inclined at 20°, -2 Inclined at 30° Proper Hose Routing, Less Stress, More Streamlin
    • Construction: Techno-Polymer, Elastomers, w/Components in Metal Cover w/Luxury Technology Treatment for Abrasion & Scratch Resistance Low-Friction Metal Components

    Mares Smart Air Dive Computer 

    Mares Smart Air scuba dive computer can be used in Scuba, Gauge, Apnea, and Bottom Timer modes.  You can pair it with the Mares LED Tank Module (sold separately) to collect data from your dive tank, which transmits tank pressure data via radio frequency and uses flashing LED lights to indicate gas pressure with different colors, It allows you to use up to 3 sensors to monitor the consumption of 3 different gases. 

    The display shows data divided into three separate lines, with large numbers that are immediately readable. More important data, such as Deco / No Deco, depth, and pressure, are displayed using larger digits. The information in the upper and lower areas can be chosen by the user. The Smart Air Logbook can store information for up to 95 hours of diving! Once downloaded to a PC or Mac, you can view profiles of each dive at a five-second sampling rate. You can also download this information to your smart device using the Bluelink interface via the MySSI app. A ''Dive-planner'' function allows you to plan your dives, with or without decompression, and offers the option of setting a surface interval for repetitive dives. There is a "Bottom Time" function for those who only want to know the time and depth of the dive, with resettable average depth and stopwatch. If you are a free diving enthusiast, the Smart Air offers a Diving function that displays all the information to you, with dedicated visual and audible alarms. Finally, Smart Air uses a lithium battery, which is long-lasting, easy to find, and affordable.

    Key Features:

    • Hoseless tank data integration for up to three transmitters ( sold separately)
    • Graphic and numeric display of tank pressure
    • Three-row layout comprises all relevant data including tank pressure
    • Multigas capable
    • Option to view dive time including seconds
    • Two customizable fields for ancillary information
    • Logbook capacity in excess of 95 hours of dive profile
    • Decompression dive planner with additional surface interval function
    • Complete watch functions
    • Freediving mode (apnea) with dedicated alarms
    • Bottom timer mode with resettable average depth and stopwatch
    • User-replaceable battery

    Sea Elite Slimline Gauge Console Global

    This Global instrument has imperial measurements on the outer dial and metric measurements on the inner dial. A Compact gauge Global Console built small and compact for less drag and weight in a streamlined rubber shock-resistant boot. The display is crisp easy to read numbers for tank pressure and depth, 5000 (PSI) and 350 Bar for Tank pressure.


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