Sherwood Beacon Air Integrated Computer

Sherwood Beacon Air Integrated Computer

Oceanic Geo 4 Wrist Computer

Oceanic Geo 4 Wrist Computer

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Sherwood Beacon Air Integrated Computer

Sherwood Beacon Air Integrated Computer
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The Sherwood Beacon simple, Easy, Functional. New Divers will appreciate the Beacon’s simplicity. A straightforward menu and easy to navigate the operating system is a breeze to learn. All divers will appreciate the compact design and easy to read the color screen. The Beacon’s advanced Thin-Film Transistor or TFT color screen provides outstanding color contrast in direct sunlight.

The Bluetooth integration to DiverLog+ provides wireless connectivity to your dive log. Safety stop and deep stop countdown timers with minutes and seconds. Automatic altitude adjustment up to 14,000' (4,367 meters) ensures an accurate profile. User-replaceable batteries CR123A with rechargeable options. 

The screen displays dive time remaining, NDL, maximum depth, current depth, and surface interval time. Additionally, you can refer back to 110 dives with the computer's extensive memory bank.

Other features include pre-dive planning and repetitive-dive planning, which allow you to walk through your planned profiles before beginning your dive. This is convenient if you ever use the computer in gauge mode. DECO and dive stop warnings (audio and visual) assist you in safe diving practice and optimal nitrogen unloading. 

Dive Log

Safe Minutes

Carry Case

Easy to read Full Tilt Digital Screen

The display is easy to read color screen visible in all levels of sunlight. The Beacon's advanced Thin-Film Transistor or TFT color screen provides outstanding color contrast in direct sunlight.


  • Ultra-bright high contrast full-color TFT Display, easy to see and read in direct sunlight.
  • Simple, Easy, Functional: Easy to use interface with an intuitive menu structure and 3 button navigation.
  • Audible alarms and visual color-changing segments provide cautions for additional safety
  • Patented Gas Time Remaining Algorithm provides calculations in real-time
  • Easy to read Full Tilt digital compass with reverse heading
  • Works with the DiverLog+ App.
  • Modified Haldanean Algorithm with 12 tissue compartments
  • Compatible with lithium or rechargeable lithium batteries.
  • Power save mode turns to screen off when 2 minutes elapse on the surface with no button operations.
California residents please click here for Proposition 65 WARNING
More Information
Product Category Computers
Computer Configuration Air Integrated, Console
Brand Sherwood
More Info
  • Complete Instrumentation Console
  • New Levels of Sophistication & Technology
  • Ultra-Bright High Contrast Full Color TFT Display, Easy-to-See-&-Read In-Direct-Sunlight
  • Bluetooth Integration Data Transfer:
    Smart Phone or Tablet to DiverLog+
    Provides Wireless Connectivity to Your Dive Log
  • Easy to Use Interface w/Intuitive Menu Structure & 3 Button Navigation
  • Audible Alarms & Visual Color-Changing Segments Provide Cautions for Additional Safety
  • Innovative Console Computer from Sherwood
  • 3-Modes: Air, Nitrox and Gauge
  • 4 Gases All Up to 100% Oxygen
  • Unmatched Enriched Air Diving
  • Easy to Read Full Tilt Digital Compass w/Reverse Heading
  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment Up to 14,000' (4,267m)
  • Air Time Remaining (ATR):
    Current Depth & Tank Pressure
    Breathing Rate, Ascent Time, & Decompression Status
    Tells Exact Time Diver Can Remain Underwater
    Displays ATR via Numerical Bar Graph
    Display ATR in Oversized Digits
  • Dive Time Remaining (DTR):
    Provides a 'Real" Number in Minutes
    Calculation Combines Nitrogen and Oxygen Absorption
    Displaying Whichever Allows Less Time
    Graphic NDC, or OTR Will Identify Which Time is Being Displayed
    NDC Maximum Amount of Time at Present Depth before Entering Decompression
  • Push-Button or Automatic Activation
  • Algorithms:
    Modified Haldanean Based Pelagic DSAT
    Decompression Limits Closely Follow PADI RDP
    Decompression in Agreement with Buhlmann ZHL-16c and French MN90
  • Depth Display:
    Normal Mode: 0' to 330' (100m)
    Gauge Mode: 0' to 399' (0 to 120m)
  • Pressure Display: 0 to 5,000 psi (0 to 350 bars)
  • Imperial or Metric Measurements
  • Power: 3-Volt CR2450 Lithium Battery User Replaceable
  • Backlighting for Night & Low Light Conditions
  • 24 Dive Log Book
  • 110 Dives Extensive Memory Bank
  • Pre-Dive and Repetitive-Dive Planning
  • DECO and Dive Safety Stop Warnings (audio and visual)
  • Deep Stop Reminder for Dives Over 80' (24.4m)
  • Quick Disconnect (QD) Hose:
    Safely Remove Computer for Storage
    Easy to Log & Download Dive Information while Not Attached to Regulator
  • USB Download Cable Included
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