The Hog "Zenith Regulator" awarded Scuba Lab Testers Choice

Balanced-diaphragm first stage; two hp, five lp ports; 360-degree swiveling turret Available in Yoke or Din configurations. 

HOG better known as a brand for tec divers, offers a rugged no nonsense high performance regulator called the Zenith. This regulator was tested by Scuba Lab in the Zenith D3 configuration and awarded Testers Choice.

Scuba Lab Review: "Not because they excelled in any one category, but because they did well across the board in all categories. The Zenith was our "TESTER'S CHOICE" in this category." Hog Zenith

The Hog Zenith has been put through rigorous dive conditions and is available with Yoke or Din configurations 1st stages that's environmental sealed. Making this the go to regulator for use by any experience level diver. 

HOG's Zenith 2nd stage is a pneumatically balanced adjustable 2nd stage that makes breathing underwater almost feel natural. The Zenith utilizes high quailty materials and an advanced cover design. These improvements provide greater breathing performance, ease of use and durability while still beating the competition in terms of price and value. Additionally it has an improved exhaust cover, silicone soft touch purge assembly and a current flow dispersing front cover. These features make the Zenith reach new levels of performance while creating a striking image. A style that is sure to catch the attention of your fellow divers.

This unit comes with a black Flex braided hose.  Colored hoses may be ordered as well as colored Purge covers.

The Hog D3 first stage is a high performance balanced diaphragm design that is sealed and has an extended 5 port swivel turret.  This Is the ultimate first stage for any divers needs and especially for tech divers because of the versitility of the hose routing. The D3 first stage can meet all the desires of recreational to the most demanding of divers, while still providing a value that exceeds the competition.

Hog Zenith regulators are rock solid and are the most choosen regulators by Divers Supply Instructors and professional staff.  Hog also offers a service clinic that an advance diver can complete to be able to work on there own regulator.