What is Unique About The ScubaPro Seawing Supernova? 

Don't Let The Price Fool You. This Fin Is Packed With Pretty Amazing Technology! It's pretty incredible to see how unique these fins are when it comes to traveling. The new Supernova Fin allows you to reduce the size for traveling. Just remove the connector and separate these fins, and they pack easily. Just make sure you don't lose those little connectors. One of the neat things that ScubaPro was smart about doing with the set of fins was you get a tool to take that little joint out, and also they gave you in the tool they gave you a few extras of those inserts to put in there. 

Travel Connector

ScubaPro Seawing Supernova Travel ConnectorScubaPro Seawing Supernova Travel Connector

Tool with extra Connectors

ScubaPro Seawing Supernova Tool with extra ConnectorsScubaPro Seawing Supernova Tool with extra Connectors

Adjustability and ease of the Heel Strap

Adjustability is another feature these fins offer. ScubaPro provides a Tool to make it easy to pop the cover off of the buckle to expose a pin so you can move into three positions. ScubaPro ships these in the middle position, so you can take it out and move it forward if you want this strap to be slightly snugger, or you can move it back to make it looser. The heel strap includes a large Hoop to Hook your finger in, which is great for when you are trying to get up a boat ladder and take your fins off. That's one of the reasons we enjoy having the hoop.

Allow you to adjust in 3 positions 

ScubaPro Seawing Supernova Allow you to adjust in 3 positions ScubaPro Seawing Supernova Allow you to adjust in 3 positions 

Large hoop on heel Strap

ScubaPro Seawing Supernova Large hoop on heel StrapScubaPro Seawing Supernova Large hoop on heel Strap

Top and bottom Rail and winglets

The Supernova has Large Rails with winglets at the tip of the blade which makes a huge difference when you kick this fin it tends to keep its shape much better. When you turn it over you will also notice the back of the fin continues this design and that there are
guides on the fin to help keep the water from Rolling off when you are in an up-kick. 

Front of Blade 

ScubaPro Seawing Supernova Front of Blade ScubaPro Seawing Supernova Front of Blade 

Bottom of Blade

ScubaPro Seawing Supernova Bottom of BladeScubaPro Seawing Supernova Bottom of Blade

Angle of attack 

Supernova has the accordion built into the struts and the struts are much thicker than previous models. When you do your kick what it ends up doing is it closes or goes into a position and then it stops to put the blade in the best position or angle of attack. 

Draining Foot Pockets

So what ScubaPro did was create slots all the way through the foot pocket that lets the water out and when you pull your foot out of the foot pocket you don't have the suction that you did with the older fins. 

Accordion built into the struts 

ScubaPro Seawing Supernova Accordion built into the struts ScubaPro Seawing Supernova Accordion built into the struts 

Draining Foot Pockets

ScubaPro Seawing Supernova Draining Foot PocketsScubaPro Seawing Supernova Draining Foot Pockets